Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Greens, glorious greens

My favorite side dish with meat is a salad.

I like to get some lettuce grown locally in one of those high tunnels. It's usually a mix of baby romaine, spinach, and some bib lettuces. Then I add some frozen green beans or peas. Yep. Frozen. I thaw them first, but they have already been blanched before freezing and are crunchy and bright green. I will then add some sprouts, cut up a raw turnip into julienne strips and then top it off with some mixed crispy nuts and a mix of cold expressed olive oil and kombucha or a nice red wine vinegar. Salt, pepper and dive in.

My second favorite side dish is turnip greens cooked at a low temperature with a little bacon, onion and a diced turnip.

Third favorite is collard greens with the stems removed and again cooked slowly with a little bacon fat, vinegar and salt and pepper.

Finally, I love to go out and walk the edges of the farm fields and pick something known locally as "cresses". I believe these are wild mustard greens. Picked young, they cook up tender and make wonderful additions to any soup or stew.

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